"Types of sugar. Selection of different types of sugars. The word "Sugar" is written in cubes of preserving sugar. Below it from left: white cube, granulated sugar, preserving sugar, Demerara brown sugar, Demerara cube. Sugar (sucrose) is extracted from sugar cane or sugar beet. It has a variety of uses as a sweetener for foods and drinks, and is a preserving agent for fruit." Picture and caption can be found in: http://www.sciencephoto.com/media/216604/enlarge#


Granulated sugar.

Used mostly by food industries and bakers.

Differ in crystal size that varies according to the plate it will be used on.

Bakers Special Sugar Finer than fruit sugar.Developed for the baking industry.Used mostly in doughnuts and cookies.
Caster Sugar Very finely granulated.Finer than the USA granulated sugar.Dissolves almost instantly.
Powdered Sugar Granulated, ground to a smooth powder, and sifted.Prevented from caking.Available in supermarkets.Can be used in icings and whipping cream.
Coarse Sugar Decorating sugar.Larger than regular sugar crystals.Recovered from crystallized sugar syrups.Used in making fondants, confections, and liquors.
Date Sugar Does not dissolve on liquids.High-priced sugar.Mostly a food than a simple sweetener because of its nutritional content
Fruit sugar Slightly finer than regular sugar.Used in gelatin, pudding desserts, powdered drinks.
Granulated Sugar “Table sugar.”Used in home cooking.Paper –white color.Fine crystals
Sugar cubes Result of moistly granulated sugar that are pressed and dried.
Raw Sugar The results of the sugarcane’s refine process.Could be steam cleaned.
Superfine Sugar The finest of all types of granulated white sugar.Used in delicately textured cakes, meringues, sweetening of fruits, ad iced drinks.


Retains some of the surface molasses syrup.

Has a pleasurable flavor.

Demerara Sugar Light brown sugar.Large golden crystals.Slightly sticky.Used in tea, coffee, or hot cereals.
Barbados Sugar British specialty.Very dark brown.Strong molasses flavor.
Free-flowing brown Sugar Produced by a co-crystallization process.Less moist than regular sugar.It does not clump and is free-flowing.
Turbinado Sugar Raw sugar, partially processed.Surface molasses have been washed off.Blond color and mild brown sugar flavor.


Ideal for products whose recipes require sugar to be dissolved.

Sucrose White granulated sugar dissolved in water.
Invert Sugar Result of splitting sucrose into its components (fructose and glucose).Sweeter than white sugar.Used by food manufacturers to retard crystallization and retain moisture.

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